The Ride

My name is Garry Kramer and I will be leaving Edmonton Alberta in September 2014 on a 22,000 km motorcycle ride to Ushuala, Argentina. This trip will take me approximately 4 months to complete and traverse through 16 countries. Donations for the trip and to the MS Society of Canada can be made through my blog site, My blog site will track me through the planning and execution stages of the ride. While on the ride, you will be able to track me on a map page that is updated every 10 minutes. You will also be able to make comments and posts on the blog and I will be able respond to them as I ride south.

The motorcycle will be a single cylinder Kawasaki KLR650. I rode this motorcycle to Deadhorse Alaska in 2013 and all over Alberta. It is a good workhorse of a bike.

You may ask why I am doing this. My wife Esther was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and we want to END MS forever. The only way to do this is through research which is why we want to raise money for the MS Society of Canada. Also we want to bring awareness to people of MS.

2 thoughts on “The Ride

  1. Hey I’ve been thinking of the same thing, Have done the Dalton, Dempster and the trans lab, 62 retired with a 2011 1200BMW GSA. Do you speek spanish? are you camping? how much $ are you expecting to spend

    1. Don’t speak Spanish yet, I am going to take lessons in the spring/summer. I will be camping when I can. I am expecting the trip will cost about $12,000 return.

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