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Hi Folks.

I have had problems posting to my web site since Oct 31st. There seems to be a problem with WordPress plug-in Jetpack that is not allowing me to upload my daily posts and pictures. I am working on a fix for this. As many of you know I returned home early as Esther was having a little problem with me being away for this amount of time and has unexpected double eye surgery scheduled for Dec 2nd and 9th that she wanted me to be here for her. If you followed me on the map you would of seen that I got to within 5 km of the Peru / Ecuador border before the decision to turn around was made. At that time I turned around and headed back to Bogota Colombia to stay with my new good friends Juan Carlos Tellez and his wife Sandra. It took about 5 days to arrange the shipping of the bike back to Canada with Lyncargo (great people, I highly recommend) I arrived back in Edmonton on November 14th and picked up my bike at Edmonton airport on Monday November 17.

Some stats on my ride.
Riding 20,097 km

Boat 392 km
Air 6,510 km

77 Days total
Average 261 km/day riding, there were many days not riding so the average would go up.

I would like to thank all that have followed me through this journey. I have met many new friends, saw many new places and had a lot of fun.

I will continue to update my posts as soon as I can get the problem fixed.

Thanks again

Garry Kramer

3 thoughts on “Problems with WordPress posting

  1. Garry, we have never met but I have enjoyed reading about your travels. I look forward to learning more about your experiences in Ecuador since I know that country well.
    All the best for your wife next month!
    John L.

  2. Hello Garry.
    Sorry your trip fell short, but I feel you still met your goals of bringing attention and information to the world about MS.
    I enjoyed meeting you, and following you on your adventure. Please keep me posted about further treks you take on. My health is such that I will never be able to take on such a great goal. But, I enjoyed doing so through your reports. Your generosity, and trust in those around you, is truly inspirational, and should be an example to us all about how we can live together.
    Your friend and KLR brother. God Bless You.
    Mike and grace Cunningham.

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