Day 55 October 23 odo 29131 km

Up at 7:00 pack bikes and on road at 8:10. Lots of trucks on mountain road. We got to Medellin about 1:00 and Peter and I got split up when I took an off ramp and Peter couldn’t make it over. I continued on to the Shamrock Irish pub where we will meet back up. Got to the Shamrock about 1:30. Bob and Thor already there. Thor’s bike is in the Harley shop getting checked out. Got a room in the basement beside the kitchen for a discount. Ted Simon will be here tonight, he is the author of Jupiter diaries. About 40 years ago he rode around the world on a Trumph motorcycle and wrote a book about it. I walked around the neighbourhood and saw Peter ride up. He got settled in and we had supper at the Shamrock. I had a nice burger. Later on Ted showed up and I chatted with him for a while. Also got a picture with him. Around 11 Peter and I rode our bikes inside the bar for the night. Off to bed.


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Somewhere between Edmonton and South America.

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