Day 54 October 22 odo 28784 km

We got up when Bob started packing at 5:30. He wanted to make sure he got to Medellin that day. We waited and had breakfast at 7:00 am and then loaded the bikes. I changed out my front brake pads as they were getting very thin. Off we go at 8:30. We ride a nice mountain road towards Medellin and stop in Valdivia for lunch about 1:30 and like the little town so much we would stay the night. We checked in at a hotel on the city square. One little boy came up to me and kept saying “teacher” I didn’t know what he was talking about. I finally clued in and he wanted me to teach him english. I talked to a woman near where we parked the bikes and finally she understood what I was going to do. She told the children to get their note books and pencils. I went and got my English/Spanish dictionary. We set up beside the park. There were between 10-15 kids on and off for 2 hours aged 6 to 17. We had a great fun time. I would show them an item, book, tree, rock, etc and I would tell them the english word and write it in thier book. They would tell me the Spanish word for it and write it beside the English word. We had great fun with them with each other trying to pronounce each word. After about 2 hours teaching each other we finish. Peter and I walk around el Centro and have a beer. We had a large lunch so we didn’t need supper. Back to the hotel and bed.


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