Day 52 October 20 odo 28603 km

Up at 5:30 to get to the boat by 6:30 am to unload the bikes. The 3 days of not riding was nice, but time to ride. We walk to the pier and get picked up by the dingy to take us out to where the ship is anchored. We waited a long time for the barge to show up to take us to shore. The barge is about 15′ x 20′ a little small. Glad it was a nice day. I was on the first 10 minute trip to shore. We offloaded 4 bikes to the barge then to shore.

Unloading my bike from Stahlratte to a barge.:

We rode off the barge into about 6″ of sea water and up the ramp to customs. First time on South American soil with my bike. It was a long day at customs almost 10 hours 3 hours was due to thier siesta time. So while we wait for the siesta time, Gil and I go off to find the Apple store and a new camera for me. We found both, Gil got some high speed Internet to upload his pictures to Dropbox and I bought a nice Nikon underwater camera. We went back to customs for 2:00 pm and got our bike paperwork. Next off to get insurance, if the police stop you and you don’t have insurance they confiscate your vehicle. Then to the hotel, when we get there we ride all 7 bikes inside the lobby for safe keeping. Next off we go for supper, found a nice restaurant and had a great meal. Got some roof top shots of Cartagena from the top of the hotel then to bed.


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